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Satelite Fault Finding


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Looking for any Satelite experts.


My Alden Satelite system, auto find, does not find the satelite and lock on. It searches and rotates etc., but doesn't lock on, despite known locations where we can get a satelite.

All power is there that I can see.

What tests can I carry out, is there supposed to be any voltage on the lead to the dish?

It worked the last time I cleaned my roof and the gunge under the dish, but since then, it has not worked.

What can I test for please?

Any clues


Would a satelite meter help, when it searches, would it register on a satelite meter to help localise the fault? It does seem the meters require a power supply?


Anything I can test with a multi meter?


I have checked the connections and they seem OK.



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Thanks for the idea.


Latest update - I have checked the control box and I get 12v on the input connection, but at the dish LNB, no voltage.


I patched out with a new cable hoping this would solve the problem, but with no luck.


I wonder if the cable terminates in the motor box on the roof and this has some effect?


Stuck now, I don't have a meter to see of the system sees a satelite, but that maybe my next fault finding task.


Any suggestions?


Anyone know how the LNB cable gets through the motor box and to the LNB?


Thanks :'(

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Hi Again. Can you find/buy a long coax cable and patch the LNB direct into the satellite receiver, and use the control to aim the satellite dish, to where you know you should receive a signal. Check you have lnb volts (12/18 volts depending on channel selected) coming from the satellite receiver, and reaching the LNB.


Alternatively can you beg /borrow a different sat receiver and temporarily try it in the van ( take the sky box from the house for example) I wonder if your sat receiver has died.. If you are using sky box, check that it is set to feed lnb volts out (somewhere in one of the set up menues)


I assume the TV is powering on and is connected to the sat receiver ok.?


Hope it might help.




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