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La Rioja...


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Hello everyone!...


We're travelling down to La Rioja next week, for several days.  I have a couple of questions, if I may?


1. Does anyone have any experience of winetasting there?  Is it a fairly "open" affair, a bit like France, where you can often just wander in and ask for a taste?  Or is it more difficult than that, perhaps requiring bookings or only offering the option of a storefront in the town?


2. We like to use municipal aires and the like for camping.  Are there many about, in Rioja?  Are they any less safe than France or Italy?


Thanks in advance!





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Hi Mom

Can recommend a campsite. De Haro ACSI no 1608. Good site very close to town (which was the capital of the region) Even closer to the main wine warehouses. If you don't have Acsi Book - N42.34'41" W2.51'16"

Have a great time (Hic.Hic)


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Agree with Pjay, we have used Haro camp site many times, you can also use Camping Cheques.

The tourist centre in town (and maybee the site) will provide a map of all of the Bodegas, some within walking distance of the site. The town square is good for a coffee and people watching/soaking up the atmosphere. If you want cheaper wine then use LIDL on the way in from the Motorway and about 1 mile from the site.

The easiest way into the town is from the M-way, if you are travelling from Bilbao then it costs 9 Euro.

Enjoy, it is nice place to visit.



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The guy at the Haro campsite speaks English.


He sells some wine and is happy to give some advice.


I have a good way of finding out which Rioja is good.


The more it costs the better it is!


My favourite is "Estola" reasonable price and reasonable taste.



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