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5th wheel users


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Hi Keith & welcome to the forum.


A previous recent thread may help.



No personal experience, but downsides I saw on previous threads

- they are not allowed to use the French Aires.

Don't know about other European countries.

- Access can be difficult on some sites.

- Some sites have length restrictions.


- Some of the American built units exceeded the UK width restrictions, but as that restriction has now been increased they may now be legal.


Extract from another web site

Maximum sizes for towing

Towing vehicle under 3500kg GVW

Length (excluding the coupling and drawbar) 7.0 metres

Width Maximum 2.3 metres

Towing vehicle over 3500kg GVW

Length (excluding the coupling and drawbar) 12 metres if at least 4 wheels

Width Maximum 2.55 metres

Length of towing vehicle and trailer combined 18 metres

Maximum overhang of load from rear of trailer 3.05 metres


National Trailer and Towing Association (NTTA)



Also have a look at:-


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