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BT phone line and Broadband problems

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At some time or another I am sure you will have experienced problems with your phone line or broadband connection and gone down the extremely frustrating only and mainly useless option of calling 151 and ending up in an Indian Call Centre speaking to some one with a highly indian accented voice speaking basically from a standard script and getting know where fast.


Email them and it gets results and if they argue the toss about your internet provider not being BT (I am on AOL!) state......... the phone line (BT) supplies the connection, it does not work and who comes to fix it every time irrespective of the provider, BT OpenReach, now just sort it, end of story.




''Thank you for your email reply, I am sorry to hear about the inconvenience you have experienced and I can understand how frustrating this can be.


Further to our telephone conversation this morning I'm very happy to learn that your fault has been cleared and your service is now working satisfactorily once again. Please monitor the line and any further problems please contact us as soon as possible.


Please accept my sincere apologies once again for the difficulties you have encountered, I hope this information helps and if you should have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact us again via e-mail, via http://www.bt.com/ or by calling the faults helpdesk on 151 from a BT line, 0800800151 from a non-BT line or 03301234151 from a mobile.''


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Hi there Peter ('cos I guess it must be you).


Know what you mean, but the fact that BT owns the infrastructure is one reason why I use BT for broadband and calls. Still harbour memories of the ghastly Mercury fiasco many years ago and will never, ever, ever use anyone else but BT for my work stuff at any rate.



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Guest Tracker

Ah - if only everything in life was as reliable as....................................


Johns Cross Garage maybe?????????????????????????????????

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Bob Elswood - 2010-08-18 5:15 PM


Stick with BT !!


I wanna make sure that me pension money keeps rolling in every month !!


I also like to think my pension keeps rolling in but, Not even BT can give me the service I'am getting from Virgin cable.


BT in my opinion should have been able to wipe the floor with all other company's, I know for a long time there hands was tied but even i new that Fibre Optics is the future yet they are only now talking about running fibres to every customers home, a bit too late I think.


BT cannot supply me with the speed of broadband that I am receiveing with Virgin, a recent survey by offcom cable companys come out top for broadband speeds.


BT cannot supply me with the Telvision channels unless I instal Sky and that then is another bill.


I am sorry BT when they can provide me with all of the above I might then consider changing back, they had many years of loyal service of me before I retired.


Terry (lol)

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Agree with Terry

We had to change to Virgin Cable , as the only means of getting a good broadband connection. Would change back if Bt can get a faster service in our area, as prefer sky to the cable . Just my opinion


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Guest pelmetman

You have broadband..............Luxury (!)


We moved up to a rural part of Lincolnshire to semi retire 7 years ago.


Then last year some numpty (meaning me) decided to set up a web based business, the business is doing great considering we started it in the worst recession for 80 years (lol)


But I have to run it with a broadband dongle which is ok at certain times of the day, but try and download a large file like the sign people sent me today for the van signs.....................it takes ages *-)


But at least I can run it when we are away in the camper, even if it means I have to go to the local pub for wifi when my dongle has no reception (lol)

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Clive - 2010-08-18 4:48 PM


I,m with Plusnet - Now owned by BT !!




Owned by BT but so far still operate as a separate company, I've been with them since 2002 what I like is if you have a problem call their help line you get an English person who is technical & always manages to sort things out.

Also with their referrals discount it only costs me a couple of quid a month & they sometimes send me a cheque.


Also I am able to have a fixed IP with them.


Problem with BT Broadband is they get the system running OK then they do massif advertising they get oversubscribed then have to upgrade their servers & switches, all running fine again then guess what they advertise again and you can guess the rest.







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Ah yes BT.....the same BT that when trying to install a new line to my neighbour cut through the Virgin Cable and BT line to my property.


It took 4 weeks to get it sorted but not after the debacle of: one 'engineering' crew filling in the original hole in the pavement then a different crew to re open the hole

BT engineer then arrives to fix severed line , only to find hole reopened in wrong place.

No2 crew then open the correct hole only for No1 Crew to come along and fill the now two open holes back up.


Having witnessed most of this I had to intervene and tell said navvies to start talking to each other - best of all BT were doing a load of cable laying in my area anyway and these crews were literally crossing over the road to do their bit and neither of them bothered to talk to each other , even after I intervened


"oh we cant do that MIster , they only dig em out and we only fill em in and its a totally separate department"


BT - nope not for me.



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