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Cooker Igniter.

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this link will be a start to point you in the right direction.


If you have teh model number and serial number of yoru cooker you should be able to do a search on google for 'cooker spark generators' and find a supplier listing yoru cooker model. A bit fo searching wi be needed for a good price...so try google shopping and also Ebay.


If you get stuck try the link I gave www.apat4u.co.uk ,

or www.espares.co.uk .


Hope this helps. If you need help post the model on the forums and I will search for you and find the best price I can, but I think the belling ones tend to be a bit more epxpensive than some others.


The spark generator is usually housed under the panel on rear of cooker but could be amost anywhere. Following the wires from the battery box or the high voltage wires from the hob burners should help you find it.

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For the past 15 years we have used a gas match, we are now on a second, it's refillable and one charge of butane lasts about 3 months of continuous camping. If ever it does expire we know we can replace it at minimum cost and inconvenience, we don't need to search google or e-bay to find one or (maybe) remove the cooker to fit it!
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