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route to Slovenia


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we are planning to go to Slovenia in September and October. We have a 4 ton van. At present we are reckoning to travel via the German autobhans to Munich then cut through Austria to reach the Karawanken tunnel towards Ljubljana.


We would appreciate advice about using the motorways in Austria and Slovenia. It seems we must get a go box for Austria as we are going through the tunnel. According to the Caravan Club (book 2) we don`t need a vignette in Slovenia but since we are over 3,500kg we pay tolls for the roads we use.


Any comments about the above would be most welcome. 

Any useful bits of advice on this subject would be helpful.


ta David (aka half of Mardee)

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Hi David,


We were in Slovenia earlier this year meeting friends who live in Bled. I can recommend the camp site at Lake Bled.


You will find some very useful info on these sites. One is a bit dated but should still prove very useful.






This page will give you info on tolls/vignette




The route you have outlined is almost the same as we used returning home except we started from Lake Bled.


Enjoy your trip, Safe travelling.



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I happen to be in Bohinj, Slovenia, as I type (and very nice it is too!).


If you use the motorways, it will be a Go Box for Austria, and tolls at toll points in Slovenia (I think they will toll you at the Karawanken Tunnel for onward use.


If you aren't in a hurry, however, it is quite possible to cross Austria without using the Motorways (take into account the info already posted on this site that 3.5t limit signs showing a lorry can be ignored by motorhomes, those without a lorry are real load limits and must be obeyed).


There are various routes across Austria with good stopover points.


The Karawanken Tunnel toll is valid without other toll payment between the first exits on the motorway either side of the tunnel (as detailed by one of the sites referenced by Don) though this isn't what I was told at the toll booth, and my German is quite good!


Should be able to get to Ljubliana from the tunnel without using the motorway.


Must admit I'm glad I've just changed van and gone below the 3.5t limit.

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