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Parking after tunnel


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I agree at that time of night go to Cite Europe Motorhome Parking, 5 mins from tunnel and sign posted, just drive around the circuit of the building trying to keep the shopping centre on your left the parking will be on your right.


Also try and get to tunnel a bit earlier and put your number into machine, bet you get through and will get a longer nights sleep that way.


We are going tomorrow evening and will be doing just the same.


Have a great time, you will love the tunnel :-D :-D



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Depending how tired (or excited) you are you could swing around the complex to Cite Europe (see map with GPS location) or head a bit further away to an Aire.

I agree about getting there a bit earlier.  Depending upon demand (not easy to say) when you type in your number it sometimes gives you a choice of trains.  Worth taking a chance and saving yourself an hour or so?

You can always get a coffee and a sandwich if an alternative train isn't available.



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