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Autumnal weather


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Just about to set off for France, we have a rough plan of where and when, but I'm keen to follow the best weather if practical.

I've been impressed by the "weatheronline" website, and wondered if any of you seasoned (maybe multi-seasoned?) travellers have come across any weather sites that have impressed, helped or otherwise?

cheers, alan

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Only useful if you know roughly where you're going but merely googling the location and weather is handy and we find it quite accurate too.


Example, Bordeaux weather in Google and it pops up 4 day forecast


Weather for Bordeaux, France


32°C | °F

Current: Partly Cloudy

Wind: S at 10 mph

Humidity: 33%Thu


32°C | 19°C Fri


26°C | 16°C Sat


24°C | 13°C Sun


24°C | 13°C Mon






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