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Dead flies...millions of them...


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Just back from a few days in Dublin. Steady drive up the new motorways all the way up at about 100kph. Noticed that the screen was getting fairly smeared with small flies...about the size of ants when they fly (you know the ones I mean). When we got to Dublin, amazed to see the whole front of the camper coated with a thick layer of fly-kill. I don't mean the normal bug mess after a Summer run..I mean a sci-fi style goo (attack of the killer midges etc). on every front facing surface, mirrors, bonnet, wipers, cab and so on.

Managed to remove most of the mess by repeated soaking and washing/rinsing..but the questions are: what are they, where did they come from, will it happen again, are they out to get me personally, etc etc :-(

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