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Autocruise Sportstar vs Autosleeper Nuevo II


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Our AS Nuevo is a 2003 vintage and has performed perfectly for us. From what I read on here occasionally, AS standards slipped.


When this was I don't know, or whether there's any cast iron evidence of it for that matter. Bear in mind you'll always get folk saying their van, (whatever make) has been a nightmare because they've had to make trips back to the dealer for what some folk would say are minor issues. One persons meat being anothers poison...


I can only speak for our van. We wanted robust build quality combined with good resale value as we expected to be keeping it for about 6-8 years, and we've achieved both with ease.


The interior and fittings are as new, we use it all year round, using all the faclitiies inc when on site, averaging 60 nights per year. Resale value is in my view is staggeringly good and beats our expectations by some distance.


We all know the difference between asking and achieved price but for our '03 we paid, (I think), about £27k and I've not seen a private sale asking price of less than £19k and as high as £23k. I'd cheerfully settle for somewhere in between.


Our own view of this van, bias aside, is that it's a van they got right 1st time.



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Hi Kelly.

These are 2 different layouts.

Autocruise Sportstar is a 3 berth with a above garage rear transverse bed & front transverse single.

Autosleeper Neuvo is a 2 berth with a front lounge, converting to a double bed.


Our Sportstar has been good, (2.2l 100bhp & I don't see any need to uprate to the 2.3l 130bhp) & despite some peoples reservations on Autocruise since their take-over by Swift's, we think the build quality is Good.

There have been problems with the on-board charger, ours was replaced under warranty.

Layout with front 1/2 dinette is ideal for our purposes & it has 4 belted seats. (The Neuvo can only seat driver & passenger.)

Rear bed is comfortable & roomy, also has the facility to half it's depth (front to back) giving moore floor space & kitchen worktop area during the day. We find this a big benefit in a small van.

Front bed is also supposed to be transverse, but is narrow. We use it differently by swiveling the drivers seat gives a 5' length and better width.

Great garage , swallows my wifes wheelchair & mobility scooter.

Plenty of storage all around the van.

Ours was one of the first introduced with the large rooflight over the cab, which I think has now been dropped on current models & replaced by a storage locker.

MPG - still low miles but we are averaging 28mpg & it will easily cruise at motorway speed.

Other makes to com

We are pleased with our Sportstar & it meets our requirements almost exactly.

Couple of comments I would make - the strip lights in the Garage - I moved them from floor level to ceiling level as I thought they were too vunerable to damage in their original position.

Some people may find the dinette table too small - we have fitted an additional swivel table which can be used from the passenger seat when swiveled or the "jockey seat forward of the habitation door.

Other models to compare with the Autocruise Sportstar are the Chausson Flash 04, (see previous thread by Mel B) Sunlight T57 both on Ford Transit + Hobby, Hymer, Burstner, Adria amongst others, but all have habitation door on UK off-side. All around 6metre length.

I have a copy of the Jan 09 reviews if you would like a copy, please PM me with your normal e-mail.


The Neuvo layout is the same as our previous van (Bessacarr E410) which met our requirements at the time, but change of circumstanes meant it could not accomodate both wheelchair & mobility scooter.


Good luck, whichever you decide on.




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