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Mobile Internet 50mb for 99c per day.


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If anyone is interested . . . .

Emailed question to Miro

"No sign of my replacement card then Miro. Despite me sending back my faulty one over 10 days ago.

I note from the various forums that several people have now returned their cards for replacement and you claim they all failed to be delivered to you. Seems a bit unbelievable to me.

You have no intention of replacing any of these faulty cards do you?"

Email reply from Miro

"well it is true that I am still waiting for few sim cards but I have sent replacement for around 40 sim cards in last two weeks. So all I can do is to wait for your not working sim card...."

But I guess we only have his word for that. I've seen no evidence of people saying "I've got mine", "me too", "and me".

I think that would be that as far as I'm concerned.  I've got far too many other things to do and will put this episode down to experience.  For what it's worth, I think Miro had good intentions exploiting a vodafone loophole but when they closed it he appears to have taken the "not my fault" route which is unfortunate.

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I was tempted to buy one of these cards weeks ago but (fortunately!) did not get round to it. However, I have looked at this thread occasionally to keep up with the news and today I have read Miro explanation which strikes me as having been written by a non-English native speaker. I suspect that he is neither English nor Irish but possibly Spanish? My suspicious mind senses a scam.
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If the attached is the original E-Bay ad, it is still there, and is still inviting people to buy these SIMs.  http://tinyurl.com/2vpngj6

Surely, in view of the above comments, someone should notify E-Bay, and get him shut down? 

The post above suggests Techno100 thinks he may just be a poor, unfortunate, boy, who is basically honest, but has been unlucky.  Not if he's still selling them, in the full knowledge that they don't work, he ain't!  That is fraud.

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I suppose the good news is that he ain't selling 'em any more.


BTW, I notice he's got only 9 neutral and 9 negative feedbacks in the last 12 months. If it's not too late, can I urge all the contributors to this thread who got stiffed, to register neg fb and alert future (potential) buyers to his selling record.

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I was a late adopter and I'm pretty clueless but I have topped up and it does still work if only after a fashion.


Only use it 'on the road' so haven't for the last 10 days


It is painfully slow (using the irish vodafone) and one day charged me around about 5euro rather than the 99c. Can't seem to find the tariff or record of usage on the vodafone site.


It was useful on my last trip and I would be happy to buy a regular, legit, sim if it did not carry the use it or lose it tariff they all seem to have. Screw the customer seems to be their collective philosophy.

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Mine is still working ok. I bought it before I heard of the problems but didn't get round to setting it up until afterwards as I don't have a mobile signal at home.


I set it up using an Irish address and paid 30€ for the extra 20% (got 36€ credit).



It is painfully slow (using the irish vodafone) and one day charged me around about 5euro rather than the 99c.


The speed seems to depend very much on how good the signal is - when I get a full HSDPA signal it isn't half bad but as soon as it starts to swap around between 3G and HSDPA or gets a GPRS signal it slows down badly.


As far as the charging is concerned - make sure you are using live.vodafone (yes correct spelling) as the APN or you will be charged at international roaming rates. Also best to use Mobile Partner software if using a Huawei dongle. Also unlike other companies who give a 24hr rate, from the moment it is first logged on, this one is 00.00GMT/BST to 23:59:59GMT/BST.


When using the Mobile Partner software it is a good idea to have the statistics on show so that you can make sure you don't exceed the 50mb per day limit where they start to charge 0.2c/KB for anything over.

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Hi Bernie,


The dongle I bought from Voadafone uk is a ZTE and the mobile partner software I downloaded would not recognise it.


Managed to get some ZTE software (marketed Telstra) from an Australian vodafone site, after a lot of searching.


The original software that came from Vodafone was much better and more sophisticated, it woud switch from the network to wi-fi if available for example, but I stopped using it for the reason you have given re the roaming rates.


You would think one of the companies could see a market in customers like us and design a product that suits our needs. There must be many of us euro wide to make it worthwhile. What happened to the free access internet we were promised years ago? It seems they are targeting business users who don't have to reach in their own pockets.

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Quite agree - I think it was John Major who promised that the whole of the UK would have a broadband cable service in a couple of years - Like that happened.


With the mobile BB services the government auctioned the air waves off at such exorbitant rates the 'phone companies are having to keep prices high in order to repay the massive investment. Just goes to prove there are more ways to get your money off you without having to resort to increasing income tax etc.


What will they auction off next - there is little left to sell so possibly air and sunshine will be next.


When all tv regions finally go digital and analogue is switched off there will be a lot of spare bandwidth - do you think it will all be taken up by free to air tv stations - Nope it will go to the highest bidder so don't hold your hopes up for cheap communications using the old analogue tv frequencies.


Rant over >:-(

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