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Dometic Fridge wiring.

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For the second time on different vans I have discovered that the mains and 12v wiring is connected behind the lower vent grille and all that is used to connect the cables on the fridge to the two supply sources is a cheap and simple screw block terminal - which is then left uncovered and open to all the van washing hose water and rain and road dirt that can be thrown until the inevitable occurs and it corrodes and ceases to connect.


It is simplicity itself to replace - but only if you EXACTLY what to do!


I don't know what would happen if you crossed the 12v DC and 240v AC wires - and neither do I wish to know.


What I do know is that rewiring it has twice solved the intermittent problems of the igniter working when the fridge was alight and of it sometimes not working at all on gas. Dunno about mains - never use it!


So if your fridge does unexpected things look at the connector block first!

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