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cold weather touring


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Move South.


A LONG way south......


Remember it ain't just your fresh water tank and pipes, and your engine radiator water, it's your waste tank(s) as well.


And your gas bill. And your lecky.





A liberal injection of Spain or Portugal will ensure freeze-free agua....

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There are a few things that you can do to try and assist but the effectiveness will vary on factors such as, do you have inboard waste and fresh water tanks and of course just how low the temperatures fall. Here are a few suggestions:


Insulate the toilet cassette compartment with an old jumper/blanket.


Put some anti freeze solution in to your grey waste tank (It works in car radiators).


If you have electric heating then at night (if on hook up) leave heating on low, this should prevent freezing. You can do the same with Gas but this will eat in to your supply, if on electric you will probably have already payed for this in your pitch price.



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Guest pelmetman
Had our 907 camping gas bottle freeze last week, but the bigger 4.5 bottle was ok, greater mass I presume, did have a thought of buying a cheap hot water bottle and putting it in the compartment to get things going :D
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We set of with a warm van as it is on mains all the time charging the batteries so the electric heater is left on overnight (as is the fridge) prior to leaving.


On site we leave the drain tap open on the grey water so it drains into a bucket rather than freezing in the tank. It freezes in the bucket if left long enough so needs to be watched as once frozen it refuses to pour into the drain.................


We leave the hot water heater on all of the time. This is under the same seat as the fresh water tank so that stays warmish (Well it hasnt frozen yet)


We also leave the exterior silver screens on all of the time unless the sun is shining on them when we remove the sunny side to get get some benefit from the sun.


When we have been on EH, we leave the electric heater on low all night and if we are going out for a walk leave the slowcooker on - this provides some heat as well as a great hot meal to come back to. :-D

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We sepnt about 10 nights at Abbey Wood during the Snow/ freezing weather period before Christmas, and had to start off with no heating in advance, as no electrics where van is stored.

Once running however, the Burstner has a rear cabin heater as part of teh standard fitments, so with that and cab neating at full blast, very warm very quickly.

We had no problem with toilet or fresh water tanks, as the heating system is run in trunking via these areas.

The waste water did freeze one day (or night anwyay!) - a first for us, although we leave the tank tap open and always drain into a bucket. I think there is always a small residue in the bottom inch or so of the tank (external),and it was that,plus the pipe to the tap which froze.It thawed out during the day, but theere was a pretty solid block of ice in the bucket on several mornings.

Our gas is Ok, as being a continental van it comes in 'red' bottles!


We did have one unexpected problem, though. On leaving the campsite - in very cold conditions, I found the windscreeen washer water had frozen, and we ended up driving along the M25 with very little forward vision, as oddly enough though the roads were wet there wasnt enough spray to clear with the wipers. Once we had left the motorway after about 12 miles, we stopped in a layby and put some water on the windscreen, which did the job for a while, and gradually the washer water thawed, but it was probably about 30-40 miles before it was fully functioning.

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From recent discussions with friends and some ex-colleagues,

it appears that lots of the screenwashes sold only operate down to minus 5 even at full concentration.

We had similar problems with the windscreen on our minus 15 jaunt to the Forest of Dean.

Last week I checked my car screenwash before venturing up north and found the screenwash bottle had frozen and the expansion had pushed the plastic dipstick upwards and had even forced the cap off the filler neck.

Even after topping up with neat solution it took miles before any heat from the engine managed to thaw it out fully.

It can be a major problem given the muck on the roads.

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