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Aires parking


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They are supposed to be for 'camping cars' ONLY?


Caravans do use Aires much to the irritation of Motorhomers and I suppose if it is quiet and plenty of space available nobody will mind too much if you stop in the evening and move off in the morning - but I doubt staying longer would be much appreciated?


On the other hand you can always do what the French do everywhere else - plead ignorance of the language and shrug your shoulders in the true Gallic way if anyone grumbles!

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Wewanted to buy an eriba puck to tow behind our landrover when going to off road meeting in France/Italy etc


While in France i asked if we could stop over in lay byes camper stops.They said NO not with a caravan,


Caravans are only insured when attached to the car was one reason


Though the main reason was that a camping car is legally considered a "car"and as such can park & remain as if it were a car


A caravan is in another category and dose not have the right to use parking places.


In France we have never seen a caravan parked for the night other than on the motorway stops.Though the French being less officious it wouldnt be a problem BUT in Spain & Germany the police wait until 21.00 or later then move caravans on.


Providing your not parked on a beach or under a sign forbidding campers you can,from the warmth of your motor camper say "you" wont be moving


In Germany its accepted in Spain the local police are like children & will get very excited,they are important & have a uniform

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