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Chausson Allegro


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From personal experience, admittedly just over two years ago, they do their own MOT's so have a 'tendency' to overlook items which might constitute a failure then deny all knowledge after.

My recommendation would be to get an independent mechanical examination (eg AA or RAC) before buying or immediately upon collection.

We were lucky and spotted a fault which would have failed the MOT after only 100 miles so they had to pay to get it put right. PM me if you want more details.

Otherwise a good dealer and we got some other minor faults fixed without question.

Also check out the terms of their warranty as we only got 6 months and it's terms were very limited.

Saying all that, Yes I would deal with them again, but would be far more careful and less trusting next time.



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Another thumps up for Chausson( '07,Allegro 83)


We've only had it for 10 months or so but very pleased with it...:-D

The only real niggles on our model,was the lack of 240v sockets,which I've since sorted(only one in the whole van)and a slight lack of "knee room" whilst ..ahem..using the "facilities" :$

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