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thetford toilet light


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I seem to recall that there is a magnetic float in the waste cassette which rises as the level of waste rises and I believe that this can come adrift sometimes - especially if one is too vigorous with the cleaning swishing about?


If that has happened it probably went away with the last emptied contents!


It's hot hard to replace but you will have to get one first and hope that instructions come with it - and then remove the large rubber O ring seal and get yer hand inside I suspect!


On the other hand the mark one eyeball is very good for telling you when it's ready for emptying and all you have to do is look down the 'ole!

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Hi Ken,


If you have lost your float or don't fancy groping around in the waste tank to try and fix it then the simplest solution may be a new waste tank.

Thetford have an offer of a new tank, loo seat and cleaning chemicals for less than £100 compared to over £180 for a new waste tank alone!

If you Google 'Thetford freshen up' you should find several retailers stocking the kit.

Thetford are actually targeting the kit at people buying a S/H MH and wanting a 'new' loo as a lot of people don't like the idea of using 'someone else's' loo!




PS You can probably check the operation of the magnetic switch by taking the cassette out and passing a magnet over the area of the switch.

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You may not have lost the float. It is on a swing arm and on some designs of cassette it is very near the the shaped side of the cassette. As above with vigorous swishing about (particularly in an anti clockwise direction) the float can get stuck against the side in the lowered position.


It is sods law but the only way to release it is to get your hand inside or a bit of bent stiff wire and ease it forward. Note it will probably stick again the next time you swish. By the way it is at the spout end and on your right (if you have the cassette long ways on to you with the spout furthest away).

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thanks for your replys, i will have a look on thursday when i show my son-in-law how to set up the m/h ( they are haveing a 2 day stop out to get to know the m/h before they have a week in it )

i will also have a look for th 2aa's if i knew where they are placed


ken & chris

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