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Secure Storage


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Hi all,


I’m looking to get back into motor caravanning after a break of more than twenty years. I have kept up to date on most things by buying MMM occasionally and visiting dealers periodically. I think a coach built would fit my needs for a vehicle that has all onboard facilities for use on CLs and on sites when its raining!


Now to the point, having only limited drive space (16ft long) its not going to fit so a suitable solution needs to be found before purchase. I have looked at a few sites online, they either appear to be a cheap and cheerful ‘farmers field’ or ‘Fort Knox’ with the prices to match. The other problem I’ve noticed is that you can’t just get the van for the weekend in the high secure model, as they want 48hrs notice beforehand and you can’t return on a Sunday?


Some of you must have experience of away from home storage, or are you all in the fortunate position of having large driveways. How do you find it in practice to run your van under such circumstances? What about insurance for cheaper storage, will they only be happy with the ‘Gold’ storage award places?


Thanks for looking and any replies gratefully received


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