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Cleaning carburetor


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Years ago you seem to be able to buy products that did what it said on the tin.

I have my carburetor off and want to clean the outside before putting it back.

What do I use, I have purchased a so called carburetor cleaner and have sprayed the casing. I might as well have sprayed it with water for all the good it did.

Meths and White Spirit won't touch the varnish like deposits stuck on the sides and crevices. OK they get the loose dirt off but is there anything which will touch what remains.?

I don't suppose cleaning the outside will improve the performance but I want it to look good.

Any suggestions?

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Guest Tracker
Cellulose thinners is quite good and it evaporates totally to reduce any risk of contamination that you might get from the likes of paint remover or brush cleaner and the water needed to rinse them clean!
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Hi Fred

So many modern cleaners do not have the power of those from yesteryear.

Manly due to regulations restricting or banning the solvent chemicals that were used contributing to "climate change".

I suggest leaving the Carb in a container of Petrol for a while. (somewhere safe)

Alternatively ask at your local Garage(s) if they have an Ultrasonic Bath they can put it in.

Should not cost much as they could do it at the same time as some other components.

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The last time that I used carburettor cleaner, it was for cleaning the insides of the carb, not getting the varnish-like petrol deposits off the outside.


I agree that soaking the thing in petrol (or maybe paraffin) overnight could well soften the petrol deposits on the outside and make scrubbing them off easier. The main problem is that as the alloy of the carb is slightly porous, the wretched deposits will be well keyed to the metal.


Good luck !


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Hi, thanks for all suggestions.


The cellulose thinners is working but the muck and grime is not giving up easily and it is very time consuming, I am finding I cannot work on the carb for more than 10-15 mins otherwise the fumes start to get me.


I especially like the fact that it evaporates totally so you don't have to clean it off. Thanks Tracker


I purchased this bottle from Halfords and being 68 yrs old I don't suppose there was a problem but I would hope that they don't sell it to youngsters without asking questions. this stuff is potent I'm surprised they don't need a licence to sell it.

What pleasure they get from sniffing the stuff I don't know, it gives me a headache.

Since asking this question I have obtained a Haynes Weber Manual and in that it recommends paint stripper to clean the body, but that would be a messy job as you have to rinse off with water.

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