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Where shall I start


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Firstly I should say by laughing cause if I didnt I would cry .


Two weeks ago we left for the South Of France (ah Lovely ) or so we thought

we took the two vehicles The Camper & The new VW Shuttle which has just been kitted out with a lift for Freddie (those of you that know me know I have 4 disabled children ) anyway poodling along having just left the M11 I join the M25 and continue to follow hubby who has sped of ahead .


Mums sitting next to me and we are chatting away then the oil light comes on . I panic thinking I know I shouldnt drive so I pull over to the hard shoulder phone him and tell him . He cant hear me, to much traffic . I start the engine again looking for the light and its not there so I continue to drive slowly around the M25 where he is with the kids . This is now getting dangerous as I have visions of someone slamming into to us on the hard shoulder the worry of the kids . So there I am snapping at my mum everytime she talks I tell her to shut up listening for any noise.

Off we go and I just see him waiting he cant reverse up the Motorway .

BANG thats it the games over !!!!!!!!!!!!!


IPHone him again and tell him I cant continue the vans knackerd !

He now drives up the M25 to the next round about turns round and goes all the way back to the M11 turns again and comes to meet me.

The conclusion its FUBAR oil all over the road . What are we going to do now the vans ;oaded for hols and we should e at the shuttle soon .


One hour later the RAC turn up sorry love you've had it it will have to be towed .

Oh bloody brilliant what are we to do now . He heads home with the kids and calls and cancles the Shuttle . Me Iam stuck on the M25 waiting for the recovery vehicle that I have now had to get through safegard.

3 hours later the recovery vehicle turns up . I pointed out it was 3.8 tons and that they should make sure they send the right tow truck.


So I remove myself to a place of safety wrap myself up in a blanket and settle down for this boring long wait .The tow truck finally arrives and he cant get me up . He ask's if I have any wood on board . I give up !!


Anyway ended that he couldnt get it up so he asked his boss permission to tow it . Thank god the guy waas very nice and for a back hander he towed it home well a few streets away where he kindly let us empty it out .

We had visions of having to take all the kids with us to the recovery place to empty it out . The Shuttle allowed us five days to re book but the holiday and the deposit we would loose if we didnt go ahead .


4 trips later we were finally empty four lots of loading the shuttle and driving around the block . This wasnt because we had that much stuff its because the lift takes up so much room in the VW .OMG what a mess we threw it all in the front room . I immediately made a cuppa ah what a bloody day . Now we have to be in the SOf by Sat or thats it so I phone the shuttle re ook and downsize . WE spent the evening running to the camping shop buying a tent that was suitable for us and re packing and putting away all the stuff that we couldnt now take such as the kids Seahorse shower Chair .. nightmare .

So a 55 plate jan 06 reg Fiat is now up for sale . Brand new engine no milage lol ............


No I didnt have it serviced, yes I thought I did, yes I am loody stupid Yes he did make me get it MOT'd Yes I drove past the actual place I had it booked into . Yes I phoned and said sorry Mr I forgot to stop for the service . Yes I parked the bloody thing up the stables and YES I forgot about it and NO I didnt re book the service .

I cant blame the van for my stupidity the only thing I will say is in a whole year its been on last years summer hols the south of france . One weekend to Brugge and one week in Paris . WE aint getting the use anymore mainly due to the fact of the childrens ill health and varying needs so its time to let go .

So my summer holiday has just cost me a nice cool £6000

Do you feel sorry for me answers on a post card



:D Picking up the van tomorrow one brand new shiny sparkling engine

No Milage any offers anyone just let me know .

tenting was brill made me remember how I got into all this is the first place.


Me fancies a VW pop top now just for me and him no kids no dogs no strays

:$ :$ :D

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Ah thanks mate .


I can't blame the van its totally down to me . If you lived one day in my nutty life you would see why its one round of pulling up drugs changing nappies and dealing with needy professionals.

I cant even start to begin to open peoples eyes to my day < i guess you have to walk in our shoes. Hey ho I am not moaning just a costly lesson to learn . The van isnt being used because of the childrens needs being so great now and whats the point in keeping it anymore taxing insuring for what


. We cant get respite for just hubby and thee so really no point . Respite from the social is like pulling teeth. Maybe just a pop top when he retires as we really have so much to still do i still want to get to Monaco and Rome and all over maybe one day the Northern lights . who knows .


Anyway thanks . :-)

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So sad.

Big hugs Michelle.

Did you find out why the oil was lost?

As mentioned earlier, engines don't just loose oil, serviced or not, old or young, low or high mileage.

Also, more defects can be introduced by servicing a low mileage vehicle immediately before a long trip.

Good job you had 'Plan B'.

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Michele, you are brilliant. I could hug you for the way you get through life.


When life gets tough for me, my family and friends, and my work colleagues we rely on something written by Jim Stockdale, the highest ranking US Officer captured by the Vietcong.


“You must never confuse faith that you will prevail in the end – which you can never afford to lose – with the discipline to confront the most brutal facts of your current reality, whatever they might be.”


This is called the Stockdale paradox because it is two contradictory statements. You epitomise everything Stockdale crammed into that sentence.

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LordThornber - 2010-09-01 9:47 AM


Keep the faith Michele and a have great big needy professional hug from me :D :D :D



lol haha no I need to get away from SW :D oh ok Hugs excepted.


Brock how sweet . I figure there is always worse off than me . Admittedly my bones are aching and age is slowing me now, If i ever need a reminder not to moan I just look at my kids each and everyone of them .


Aparently it was something wrong with the oil filter what i dont know but it has also damaged the turbo boost .


thanks guys


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Me in younger days sweetie alas they have left me now .



Update had a call from the place mending it . Its all done except guess what .

They have had a Bump in it hahahaha.

It would only happen to us . They were awaiting the body builders verdict and when it could be done apparently its not alot but they cant fit it in until next week .


Now whats next :D thats the second vehicle that has just been smashed y a garage as of late bought my daughter a VW Transporter only for the garage to reverse it into the bollard whilst checking something on it , She wasnt best pleased they gave her a VW Caddy but she didnt like trying to fit the forge into it haha. Worse happens at sea >:-(

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