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Avtex Mini Freeview Box


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I have been trying out the new (?) Avtex Minifreeview box. This enables motorhome users to receive Freeview from their status aerial on a motorhome and 12v power; and, of course, a TV set without Freeview installed.


I have had some problems and thus would value any comments/experiences from others on this forum.


1. When connected I found that the picture often broke up into little squares on certain challes (mainly ITV1 and others - NOT BBC 1). I found the cure was to be sure that the aerial connections were OK. Since then I have received goodpictures.


2. The box cuts off suddently and then a few seconds later reboots itself and the picture is fine.


3. Sometimes the box cuts out altogther and no picture is given. However, when I switch of and then switch on the power the picture is restored as the box reboots itself.


4. I have found that these cutouts occur both when connected to the 12v system in our van and also when connected to the mains (via the transformer supplied) and also when connected to my house freeview aerial.


5. I find that when set up and the box is set to rescan, it does not include all the available channels, e.g. the interesting channel 'Yesterday' is not loaded. Is there a limit to what can be accommodated in this minibox? Channel 12 Yesterday is available on my normal digibox for freeview.


Comments will be much welcomed.


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Hi. The cue to the problem is not receiving all available channels, this indicates low signal strength. ie, boarderline between adequate signal and the digital cut off point. When you say Status aerial, is this the fixed omni-directional type, they only work well on digital in strong signal arears, you may have to change to a directional aerial. A dodge worth trying is to connect an additional aerial booster between your existing system and the freeview box, not a normal thing I know , but it may just lift the signal above the digital cut off point. 12 volt boosters are available if you do not want mains.

Brian B.

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