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Long term value?


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In this months Caravan Club mag, there are ads featuring long term stay offers in Spain.


Out of curiosity I visited the websites and the facilities on offer look half decent along with entertainment etc thrown in if that's your thing.


Using a not unreasonable exchange rate of €1.15, one 3 month offer which includes electric and you may include July & August in your stay comes in at well under £8 a night.


The other offer at the same same site is for 12 months, without metered electric and this comes in at under £5 a night.




My question is simple, (hah!), is that a typical pricing structure for long term Spanish stays or is there even better value to be had elsewhere?


On the face of it, they seem very good value for money.





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We stay at camping rosaleda ( Conil de la frontera ) That is 265 euro for 30 days payable monthly on advance electric is 15c per kw extra ( about 1 euro a day during winter ) free wifi weekly entertainment


Biggest difference is Valencia is colder in winter than Conil and Conil is wetter than Valencia but not that much wetter as we have stayed in both locations.


If you book in for 3 months you can stay at Camping PINAR SAN JOSÉ Caños de meca for 200 euro a month free wifi but under pine trees in parts so shaded



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