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Solar Panels info


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Hi all I am new to this type of camping.

Does anyone know what to look for when buying Solar Panels.

I would like to recharge my Motorhome batteries when not moving around.

There seems to be a big difference in priceing,is it a case of the more expensive the better?

Any info would be a help

PS. has anyone solved the problem of only having 20mins radio time,it's a right pain deciding who gets up to turn the radio on again in a morning.

The motorhome is a Autocruise Rhythm


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Yep, more expensive means better in photovoltaic panel terms.


You want it to last, not leak water in, and give a good output, and they do cost more.


Cheap ones are not mechanically strong, they sometimes leak, and they sometimes use inferior cells that do not give the best output.


I suggest you buy the best you can and also a good regulator, then you can fit and forget it.




PS you can usually wire a permanent live to the connection that goes to the ignition switch, the radio then thinks the ignition is on and stays on.

But remember that if you forget to turn it off your battery will go flat!

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