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Eldiss and witter have designed new chassis extentions for their new models.They have a video on their site.

I have ordered a new motorhome the dealer says this new towbar is over £600,I have contacted a witter agent who was very helpfull and told me only Eldiss dealers can supply this towbar.I contacted Eldiss, the people who I spoke with did not have much product knowledge and finally would give no indication of price.

Now a towbar should not cost over £600 and somewhere on the web someone said this towbar was £385 has anyone have one fitted and how much?

Eldiss do say this new towbar is type approved and no other system/type should be fitted.

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Hi Urbanracer

Motorhome Towbars will be more expensive than cars just because the low volume of production & the costs associated with type approval.

The Witter (Deeside) website has the facility to enter your Registration No. to get details & would be worth a try .

Contact them or check with their authorised dealers (postcode search)


But it is not showing a Towbar for the Peugeot X/250



An alternative site (below) states cost to be around c£400 - £500




Or Towsure @ Sheffield & Southampton (or Birmingham for supply only,) but you would need to check if suitable for your Coachbuilt chassis


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crbtaylor - 2010-09-10 9:40 PM


I have just been quoted £1100 to have a Witter towbar fitted to my 2010 ELDDIS 115, CRAZY PRICE. Would be interested to find a cheaper solution. I only want to carry 2 electric bikes that are a little too heavy for a thule cycle rack.

Witter have now type approval for tow bars on Elddis motorhomes and they say thats all you can fit legally .

If its only for a bike rack it might be different.

For some time now all car tow bars had to have type approval ,commercial/motorhome should have come into force this year but I think this might be delayed as each manufactuer has still to gain type approval but Eldiss are the first.

The new chassis extention on the new Elddis do not look as strong as the 2009 models and earlier.

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According to Towtal's website FAQ type approval is NOT required at the moment (last paragraph on the below link):




which says:


Does EC Type approval apply to motorhomes?


Currently, EC Type approval is not in force on motorhome or RV towbars. However, we work to all EC 94/20 standards and our towbars leave the workshop with a weight stamp.


I don't know HOW type approval can actually be done for ALL motorhomes - there are so many, of so many differing types ....

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