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Leaving your key in the front door lock


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I'm sure I can't be the only one that leaves their key in the front door lock and then goes out and forgets to take it with them, only to find upon return a spare key won't go in as the other key is blocking it from going fully in, hope that makes sense.


The question is how much of the front pointed end of the Yale type key can be cut off before it stops working, only my theory is if i could cut about a 0.25inch of of every key the problem of forgetting to take your key wouldn't be a problem again.

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You would need to grind off about half as much as is left sticking out on one side and as long as you do this without damaging the bits that depress the lock plungers (forgotten the technical term for them) you should be OK.


I've done it and once it didn't work and once it did work - just make sure you have spare keys that work to hand before you start just in case and take bits off slowly as 'tis easier to get it off than to get it back on!


Or switch it for a lever handled lock that can't lock you out without the key being turned first?

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