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Habitation checks.


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Booked the 2009 Swift Bolero for checkover but having been distracted this summer by a house move I have forgotten why we need to do this yearly.(seem to recall insurance issue)


Can some kind switched on m'homer tell me why I need to spend £159 doing this?


Van has done 3600 miles-do I need to get a Fiat service yet? -sorry to be so lazy but documentation is not to hand as the storage place is a

few miles away.


Would appreciate advice.




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Hi Rossifan

(Hope he can get back on the rostrum tomorrow :-D )


IMHO Habitation check is worth it to ensure nothing has worked loose, i.e. Gas / Electrical connections, etc.. especially after the 1st 12 months.

Not having the Habitation check could cause you problems if any Warranty problems arise. Same with the Damp check.


Regarding the Fiat service, again required to ensure continuity of Warranty, not sure if Fiat are similar to Peugeot.

With our Peugeot, the local Peugeot commercial dealer informed us he would carry out a "low mileage" service at 12 months. Cost was a surprise - only £60.00 + VAT

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Guest JudgeMental

Be interested to know how they justify this price if its just the damp/water ingress check for the 6 year water ingress guarentee....


It takes less then an hour to go around with the damp meter and check seals etc..... My Belgian Euramobil dealer charges approx 60 euro *-)

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Hi, Marquis at Poole are offering Habitation checks for £99 again this year. Got mine booked in end Sept


Peugeot base vehicle service quoted at 180 plus brake fluid change 40, plus vat for 2 year old boxer base with approx 10000 on clock


Havent booked this yet and wonder if anyone has comments. Why brake fluid change, and why 180 for first (?) service (service manual recommends service at 2 years)


Autocruise warranty requires checks to be done or void the warranty.



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Guest Tracker

A habitation check is a rip off at almost any price as it does not actually do anything except tell you what you already know - or can easily discover - and anyone with a modicum of common sense and a bit of diy experience - can get the list of things that need checking and do it themselves.


No special tools needed - just common sense and mark one eyeball!


It could also be said that many of the things that are supposed to be checked don't even need checking or at the very least will be obvious to the owner if they are not right and as the cost of the check does not include putting anything right - that's all extra - what is the point!


Even gas systems will cause you no harm if not serviced - as opposed to visually checked - the worst that will happen is they will fail to work at an inconvenient time and place. It is a fallacy to believe that any gas system will be dangerous or will leak if unchecked.


Do you have the gas system checked every time you change a gas bottle? No? I thought not - and yet this is the only time the secure gastight connections are disturbed and is the most likely cause of any leak!


Sorry if that offends those who spend megabucks on this manufacturer and dealer contrived con but that's how I see it!


Oh how I enjoyed that little rant and chances are it will provoke some indignant responses which will be interesting as it's been far too quiet on here for too long!

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The habitation check gives peace of mind and keeps the warranty valid. I took mine to Autosleeper and that even blow out the gas flames to make sure that the safety features work. Even when the warrenty has expired i will still have the habitation/damp check done, after all what is £150 compared with the value of the Motorhome, but more importantly the life/welfare of a loved one ??.


Travel safe - mike

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Have just read Trackers post, and agree with it 101%. I thought it was me being tight that stoped me from having it done after the first time, and the reason for that is I found out the dealer had increased the fee for the next intended one by 50% !! JUST TO BE THE SAME AS OTHER DEALERS.


A good check every now and then and buying a damp meter (from Aldi) for £10 does me. I make a list of known visiting motorhome service engineers in case anything needs attention that I cannot legaly rectify, and over the past 5yrs have had no problems, a saving of at least £1000 in habitation rip off s . None of this either takes into account the costs involved in taking the van in and collecting it, empty in it out of valubles ect. Its a no brainer. (^)

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