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Any Show's West Midlands to sell MH?


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Guest Tracker

You used to be able to seel your van at all shows until either the dealers or the organisers got all precious about it and had it banned.


Silly really because lots of folks would go to shows to sell or to buy a van privately and lots of those selling would also consider buying from dealers - so in the name of progress nobody wins?


Perhaps with so many shows and them all being almost the same some bright spark might come up with a new idea - why not allow private sales on site and why not provide some add on services too - like valuations, finance, valeting, hpi check?


But what do I know - shows are not for the benefit of the paying visitors!

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Hi HappyGoCamper

Keith is right in saying we have a small show on the10th-13th Sept at the Worcester Racecourse.

Motorhomes For Sale by private owners are welcome to sell their MH's in the Motorhomes For Sale Area for only £15 for the whole weekend.

Tracker was right in saying a Valet-er would be a good idea.

We have arranged this, James from Showroomshines a Autoglym trained cleaner will be available for the weekend for anyone who would like a spruce up cost from only £10


So happygocamper should you like to book, ring txt or email

07775 707 257


)1905 828205

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Thank you all for the replies.


And Den, I will speak with the powers that be to see if we can attend that show. It is next weekend then i see?


Yes i noticed some show's dont allow it any more.. hopefully next weekend it will be sold so i can get on the case to order my new one!



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