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help with getting health/travel insurance.


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hi all

Charles and I are well and have nearly finished our contract out here in France.

Ok, we have a problem getting travel/health insurance for travelling back home.

We are covered by holiday break whilst we are working for them and for 14 days after the end of our contract whilst we travel home. BUT, we don't want to come home yet! we would like to stay down here go down into Spain, and generally just toddle around some the places we have not been to yet. And plan to get a ferry on or about the 31st October.

I have looked on the internet and it seems I can only get cover for us if we are travelling from and to GB, and not if we are already in France!!


Any suggestions folks, I found a web site which did insurance for back packers which would have done it, but we are over 60 and that was their upper age limit!


The only solution I can come up with at the moment, is to get 2 cheap return budget air tickets from Perpignan to somewhere in England and comply with the insurance terms that way, but what a faff!


The internet is a bit hit and miss here, but I should be able to get on again at about this time tomorrow, so swift help would be appreciated.

many thanks


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w1ntersun - 2010-09-06 5:42 PM


Go-travel ( aa group ) do a back packers if that helps and it is all internet based so no documents to post. They covered me and I am 63


thanks for that, just rang them and no they will not cover us as we are already out of the country.


I have found this one, https://www.caremed-travelinsurance.com, I don't have the option to print out the policy info, could someone give it the going over for me. Ta



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