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2002 Autocruise Starspirit PMS/water pump


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Has anyone out there got any views on the pumped water system on the earlier Autocruise models?

On our 2002 Starspirit, "Ext(ernal)" doesn't work on the PMS (and isn't supposed to work according to the manual) so "Int(ernal)" is used for filling from an aquaroll. Trouble is, when the external crystal pump is plugged in to fill an empty internal tank, the internal pump also operates because it (and the pressure switch) appears to be wired into the external pumps' connections! Running the internal pump "dry" is not to be reccommended so it really needs to be isolated when filling from an external pumped supply.

Autocruise presumably addressed this issue on later models and made "Ext" and "Int" work independantly of each other as logic would suggest.

Has anyone successfully solved this issue on their older Autocruises?

Yes, I know,we could always fill the internal tank by a hose instead of the pump/aquaroll but that isn't always an option.

Any advice appreciated - Dave S

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