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2002 Autocruise Starspirit (hope you dont mind )


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Location: Warminster - 2002 Autocruise Starspirit Has anyone out there got any views on the pumped water system on the earlier Autocruise models?

On our 2002 Starspirit, "Ext(ernal)" doesn't work on the PMS (and isn't supposed to work according to the manual) so "Int(ernal)" is used for filling from an aquaroll. Trouble is, when the external crystal pump is plugged in to fill an empty internal tank, the internal pump also operates because it (and the pressure switch) appears to be wired into the external pumps' connections! Running the internal pump "dry" is not to be reccommended so it really needs to be isolated when filling from an external pumped supply.

Autocruise presumably addressed this issue on later models and made "Ext" and "Int" work independantly of each other as logic would suggest.

Has anyone successfully solved this issue on their older Autocruises?

Yes, I know,we could always fill the internal tank by a hose instead of the pump/aquaroll but that isn't always an option.

Any advice appreciated - Dave S

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Hi Dave ?

I've had three Autocruise since 1999, two had submersible pumps and the last one was a diaphram type. The PMS int/ext switched worked on the last two but not the first.

On all the Campingcars I fitted inline bullet switches on the external submersible pump, so that it was a one person operation, the PMS switch in the saloon could be left switched to ext(ernal)on.

Where you have the internal tank submersible pump running when you don't want it running, fit an inline switch or fixed rocker switch in some convenient position, it doesn't matter which one of the twin supply wire you put place the switch.

Regards Terry

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Hi Terry and thanks for your reply. Yes, I'd thought of putting an isolating switch on the external pump but the way the whole thing appears to be wired (through the "Int" side of the PMS) indicates that the internal pump and pressure switch will always run when the external pump is filling an empty internal tank. The only way around it appears to be to put an isolating switch on the pressure switch/internal pump as well.

Do you agree? A sledgehammer to crack a nut perhaps and probably the reason Autocruise changed it on later models.

Dave S

(ps thanks to "Michelle" for diverting this post from Hints & Tips. It begs the question of the need for alternative posting venues).

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Hi Dave - I have just uploaded the PMS operators manual on the links below, you can lownload them in various sizes and they will fit on two sheets of A4, and may be different from the manual you already have.

The manuals are not very technical, but indicate how things should work, so it will give you a baseline, also there are contact numbers which may be of some use.

I think an Isolating switch fitted either before or between the pressure switch and the internal pump is the best way to go. We always isolated the pump before going to sleep at night, or whenever we left the camper unattended. I never trusted the pressure switches, some of the camper systems where so sensitive (until readjusted) they would give a cycle of the pump even as the atmospheric pressure altered.


Regards Terry




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Hi Terry. Many thanks for the links. I got them to download and print onto 2xA4 as you suggested.

I've got a simple on/off beige MH rocker switch to use for isolating either the pressure switch/int pump, or the ext pump. I intend to fit it just inside the hab door.

The info that came with the switch is as useful as the proverbiable!! but its got 4 terminals on the back. There's a "Common" plus 3 other terminals, one of which is blanked off!? So, I guess its essentially a 2-way switch (ie Common, L1 & L2).

Instead of an on/off switch, do you think I can use it as "Up" pressure switch/int pump and "Down" ext pump? If not I'll buy another switch (at £3.49) to put beside it! But then it all starts to look a bit amature-ish and messy.

Note your comments re the pressure switch cycling at night! Ours does it also.

Regards - Dave S

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