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Extractor fan

Captain mikey

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Not sure 'why' you want it - if just for general extraction, then putting an Omnivent in the existing skylight would possibly be the easiest option. If you want it to remove the kitchen smells (like a cooker hood at home), then I suppose in theory it would be possible to retro-fit one, as these are usually vented thorough the side wall. You'd need to make sure you had a suitable place to put it, ie under a cupboard with sufficient gap above the cooker) and could accommodate the vent pipes - these are usually 'hidden' in a cupboard above the cooker hood. The best bet would be to take a look at some motrhomes with them already in place to see how it is done and then decide whether it is feasible for your van, and, if so, whether it is within your DIY skill level. It wouldn't phase me but then I do like playing with my power tools on motorhomes! :D
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davew - 2010-09-11 12:09 AM

You could have mine if it would come out - noisy, only partially effective at the job its intended for and a good consumer of battery power. No thanks


My feelings exactly!

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Guest Peter James

I have fitted one of these (the round one VF4840) http://www.pacet.co.uk/ventfans.htm in the roof over my gas cooker in my X250 van (using plumbers mate to seal it in)


It draws about 4 amps (16 amps for a split second on start up) but it is very effective, and I only use it when the cooker is on with the doors closed.

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No personal knowledge of the product, but if you looking for one that does not need a hole in the roof, have a look at this Dometic CK2000 model.




The 1st air circulating cooker hood in the caravan industry

With 50 m³/h capacity CIRCULAIR performs more efficient than conventional cooker hoods – while offering a low DC-consumption of only 5 W. A roof-mounted ventilator is no longer necessary as the cleaned air is returned downwards while the suction is concentrated along the edges. This creates an air-dome which stops fumes escaping. Voltage: 12 volts DC

Capacity: 50 m3/h

Power consumption: 5 watts

Quality features: Two integrated halogen lights (2x10 watts GU4), 2-level lighting, washable metal grease filter,

exchangeable activated carbon filter, two-speed fan

Dimensions ( W x H x D) 400 x 56 x 280 mm

Weight: 2.2 kg

model: 921140902


Guess the 5watts is for the Extractor & the lights will increase power usage. it will get fairly hot with 2 halogen lights in such a tight enclosure.

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