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mpg on 2.8jtd


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Depends on its weight and shape. I have a 3.8t low profile and get 22mpg towing and 24mpg not towing.


If it has a luton front ie large lump it may use more fuel.


I have a low ratio 5 gear so will not be as economical as a 3.5t with a high ratio 5 gear.


I would say between 20 and 30 mpg depend on configuration.



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30 mpg on a 3.5t A-class. 28 mpg on a 3.5 t coachbuilt. This is keeping at c55mph on motorways and driving smoothly on mixed roads. Less than 26mpg in heavy traffic or strong headwinds. All when running in 'day out trim' Expect at least a 2mpg penalty when fully loaded to 3.5t.


Some get as low as 22mpg with a 'press on' driving style whilst others claim over 30 mpg with a streamlined, very carefully driven van.


Fuel consumption kicks you in the stomach each time you fill in. However, it's the depreciation that is the real cost. I spend £1200pa on fuel [6,000+ miles], and almost £1,000 on standing charges such as servicing, road tax, and insurance. My depreciation over 5 years was £5,000 pa but should now ease off to c£2,500 pa.

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