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Controversy over the Mayor of La Línea’s plans to charge a five euro toll for cars to drive into Gibraltar escalated this week when “no right turn” signs were put up to prevent lorries using their usual route into the Customs area. According to Mayor Alejandro Sánchez this was a first stage in the toll scheme but paradoxically it improved the flow of traffic into Gibraltar and meant that lorries were waved through without undergoing Customs inspections.

The Spanish government, which is opposed to the scheme, immediately obtained an injunction from an Algeciras judge ordering that the signs be removed.

La Línea town council said it accepted the judge’s decision but remained committed to introducing the congestion charge, adding “We won’t fall into the temptation of creating a legal spectacle between the government of the nation and La Línea over a road sign, and for the greater rejoicing of the government of the UK and Gibraltar.”



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Guest Peter James

Hard for the British Government to argue against the charge, when we seem to be the only country to charge foreign diplomats road tax to get access to their Embassy (the London Congestion Charge)

There is a long standing agreement between Governments that Embassy staff do not pay taxes in the foreign country to which they are sent. They pay taxes in their home country.

Most Embassys have run up huge bills and fines for the congestion charge, which they are understandably refusing to pay. The British Government seems to have brushed this embarrassment under the carpet.

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