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Help - How much gas will i use in 1 week skiing

Phil Dalton

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New memeber seeking advice - I have an A class motorhome with double floor fitted with 2 x 11kg gaslow bottles. How much gas should i expect to use on a 1 week skiing holiday. Temps around 0 daytime and -12 nightime. I will leave heating on low at night and during day while out turning, it up in the evening. (i really have no idea about the answer) and its my first motorhome bought 3 weeks ago.


I would appreciate the advice thanks.

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Hello Phil,

I am trying to resist the temptation to talk about baked beans but its difficult. (sorry)


So It very much depends on the size of your tardis and the quality of thermal insulation it has and how much natural ventialion you use.. To a degree also which type of gas heating you have.


Our own tardis is 8.5 M long, similar construction and as standard equipped with two 13kg bottles. Ours has Alde wet heating which I am told consumes a tad more gas than blown air systems. But the basic thermodynamics will be the same as heat generated inside the van will try and excape to the outside irrespective of how its generated.


I would guess that a bottle a week would be a very rough guess. I would not worry if you started that week with both your 11kg bottles full.


I would also add that we now have a 100 litre bulk gas tank that holds about 40kg of gas and with ou style of summer holidays only needs topping up once a year. But we don,t go skiing!


Good luck.

When you return please let this forum know how much gas you actually used in a week or how long one 11kg bottle lasted.


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Will you be hooked up to electricity on a camp site, if so many use other forms of heating other than gas when on hook up.


Low wattage radiators I believe are a favourite and what we used in -9 in the Alps and coped fine, we had an 11 and 7kg bottles and didn't need to refill till we got home.


Many more will be along soon with probably better advice.



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When we last used a poorly insulated Talisman in freezing conditions in the UK a few years back we got through 2 x 6kg propanes in a week having the heating on all the time so I would expect 2 x 11kg to last OK in a well insulated modern van?
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Hi Phil and welcome to the forum,


Also do not forget that at those temperatures you will need to use Propane and not Butane.

The point here is that if you fill up your bottles in the UK you will get a very high percentage of Propane in the mix whereas if you fill up in Mainland Europe you will get a much lower percentage of Propane and far more Butane. This will mean the effective capacity of your bottles could be reduced by as much as 50% as the Butane will not 'gas off'. I'm sure someone else more knowledgeable will be able to post the gas mix of LPG country by country.

The ratio of Butane doesn't matter when an engine is run on it as it is used in liquid form and not gas.



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We were in the Pyrenees and the Alps in February and March with temperatures down to minus 15C. We did not have the heating on at night only for a couple of hours on waking then in the evening for probable 5 hours. We used about one 11kg bottle a week. We have two Gaslow refillable bottles which were no problem to refill in France.

If it is sunny during the day then there is no need to have the heating. Try and find a parking area (Aire) or campsite if you prefer, that is in a sunny position.

Vicarious Books has been published a new guide 'All the Aires Mountains' which I think may be useful for you. It also contains some good advice on surviving the cold.

You will need snow chains and hope you will not have to use them. A small petrol generator will also come in useful, if you intend to use the French Aires, which most French people do. Beware that they become very busy at half term in February which in some area can last three weeks.

Regards, Peter.

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We have always used sites so we have benifit of electricty which we use for heating (we also take a fan heater)- we have two 7kg propane but using electricity didn't even use one in 2 weeks.


Also the sites usually have free bus tickets so its easy to get around to the lifts from the site.


Have a great time.



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