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First Nationwide, now Barclays (but sneakier)


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When I got my latest Barclays Bank statement, there was an information sheet as well. Usually, I just bin them but for once I read it through and got a bit of a surprise.


Under the heading of 'Charges for using your debit card in the UK and abroad' was the following statement.


There is a 2% transaction charge (minimum £1.50 maximum £4.50) if you use your card in the UK to obtain sterling anywhere except a cash machine or a Barclays branch and to obtain currency or travellers cheques anywhere except a Barclays branch or Barclays website or via Barclays Travel Line.


If I read this right, you will be charged if you get cashback at a supermarket. You may be charged twice if you use a cash machine in a convenience store which already has a deductable commission.


I would assume that the other banks cash machines (which are free at the moment) will remain commission free but that remains to be seen.


I did not bother repeating the Barclays charges when abroad, you would be foolish to use them as they are worse than the UK charges.


If you are a Barclays customer and are going abroad this Winter, bear in mind these charges.

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