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Laika double step

Laika Lyn

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I have a Laika Ecovip 700 which has a double electric step for access to the living area. There seems to be a problem with the step as it seems to 'tilt' or 'slope' away from the van when opened. It is still useable but is quite odd to step onto from the van.

I cannot afford to buy a new step so would appreciate any information available about how to repair the step.

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Welcome to the forum Lyn.


I'm not familiar with your van and step but in general it is often difficult to suggest a repair unless one knows exactly what the problem is?


It could be that the whole step assembly is coming away from the chassis/body mountings or it might be that the step mechanism itself is worn, distorted or broken?


Does it flex unduly when stood on? Is there movement if you lift and wiggle the entire step assembly about and if so from whence cometh all the movement?


It might be as simple as a loose bolt but I would be wary of using it unless you know what is wrong in case it collapses causing more damage to itself or the van or to you?


Assuming that the retracting mechanism works OK how does the step look when it is retracted and again is their any excessive movement at this point?

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