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gearbox modification ?

ken nugent

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Further to my previous thread regarding X250 gearbox judder, as I said we are considering purchasing 2007 2.3 JTD Ducato. I am getting conflicting information from different forums some say there is a modification and others say there is no moidifcation or cure, can anyone confirm what if any modification is available and what form it takes, we have stressed to our local MH dealer that we will not purchase this vehicle until we have written confirmation from the local FIAT main dealer, but as I dont know what form the modification takes they could tell me anything or FIAt could just test it an say it is OK, which it may be at the moment but as this vehicle is just out of warranty where would we stand in 6 months time.




Ken N

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Hi, For your own peace of mind, read everything you can find on this forum regarding gearbox judder then unless you can have Fiat, or the dealer, or previous owner confirm that


1. It was a judderer, but has been fixed


2 Fiat have changed gearbox/and or innards. to lower reverse gear ratio


3. The dealer can supplly full service history including copies of all invoices/warranty work carried out since new.


4 The dealer will demonstrate reverse gear performance on a hill and permit you to drive it on a hill of your choice in reverse to see for yourself whether or not you are convinced there is no problem


From what I read on the forum, notwithstanding the fact you like the vehicle , my inclination would be to look elsewhere if you cant get satisfactory answers regarding service /warranty history.


I was speaking to a dealer at Shepton last week who actually admitted that there were problems with 2.3 engined vehicles regarding gearbox reverse ratios, but he said they have been overcome in newer vehicles because they now fit 2.2 engines with different gearboxes.


You will be very unlikely to get Fiat to repair under warranty or assist in any way once warranty has expired.

Be very cautious. get everything in writing from dealer . Have a witness with you during negotiations.



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