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Fridge Gas Jet for 50 mbar system


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Hi folks


This summer we seem to have paid good money for bad service, yesterday we had our fridge cooling unit replaced only to find that it still doesn't cool on gas. I would have expected the chap who replaced the unit to at least test it properly before he left - now the chap is on two weeks leave and we also want to go traveling.


Does anyone know the Dometic/Electrolux jet type for a 50 mbar system. I know that the jet for 37 mbar it type 45.

The fridge is an Electrolux model RM4401




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Thanks Dave.


They have been quite helpful. I might get them to order a jet from Germany (the fridge uses a type 43 but that's for local pressure).


In the meantime I took the thing apart and cleaned it. I also pushed a pin into the jet hole to make sure it's clear. It seems to be fine now. My problem is that I don't know, other than trial and error, how big the flame should be.




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johnnerontheroad - 2010-09-17 6:02 PM




Just found this jet says it is for your RM4401





That's for 23 - 37 mbar, the OP wanted one for 50 mbar


I used to get replacement 50 mbar jets for the fridge in our old van from Leisurespares.



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