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Status aerial. Do I need one?


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You would only need one if you wanted digital terrestial (air) transmitted TV a well such as freeview TV and a receiver box to go with it. I think you should find Satellite TV is adequate on its own unless there are specific channels you want to receive which are only on Freeview.
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I am wondering if you are getting confused a tad with Freeview and Freesat.It is not difficult toi get confused and with so many digiatl channels now, cable TV, Internet TV, Freeview digital and Freesat digital.


Freeview is the replacement for analog as we have always known it and received using a normal TV aerial or as you have mentioned, the Status Aerial. You will need a Freeview receiver box or one built into the TV which most new TV's now have.

The down side using in a Motorhome is you can not alwys gets a strong signal and may have to retune every time you move to a new area as tranmissions will be on different frequencies (channels).


FreeSat, is as its name suggests, Satellite TV and again you need a 'box' which is a satellite TV receiver. The down side is you need line of site of the satellite and no tall trees in the way. You can get BBC and ITV as before and again a whole host of other free channels but there are some available on Freeview you cannot get on FreeSat.

The advantage is it will work almost in any area of the UK and abroad. You will lose English channels such as BBC the further south and east you go as bigger dishes are needed. Bit there are plenty of interesting German stations for example and some stations broadcasting News in English at certain times of the day.

I wil let someone else mention what Stations you get get where if you are wanting to use abroad.


Sorry if this sounds like an idiots guide. Not sure at what level to start at and what level to finish at.



Part 2 coming up - penned by the next poster.

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