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wiper blades


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Hi All, just back from 7 weeks in France, once again excellant, just a quickie I renewed wiper blades in April what sort I cant say but one at least is already what I call "scrubbing" the noise when they dont run smooth. Has any bought really " good" ones that dont give that problem. Barrie
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Most wiper blades are ok its the fitting and cleaning thats the problem.


Make sure that the blade pulls across the screen and is not being pushed if you know what I mean.


Clean the blade and screen with vinegar. Road dirt and deisel thrown up are the biggest culprits. Long periods of not being used is another problem as is sunlight. When parked up lift the blades off the screen with a couple of corks. That stops dust building up on the blade edges.



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I too use Bosch wipers and they usually go at least two years between replacing. Cleaning them with neat flash liquid on a paper towel seems to help keep them smear free - as does a dollop of flash liquid or Lidl's W7 cheaper variety in the washer bottle.


The judder you describe could be due to mis alignment of the wiper arm and by using an adjustable spanner to alter the arm's angle from the windscreen you can sometimes tune out any judder. Simply making the angle at which the blade moves such that it is pulled across the window rather than pushed - as mentioned before - can work wonders.

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Here is another top tip for you....


Remember that lovely 'new windscreen' experience that has long since faded away?


I took the plunge and bought a Maguiars clay kit from Halfords to renovate the paint on my car with miraculous results, and while I was at it, I did the windscreen too. It is as good as new, and not only do the wiper blades clear perfectly, they will wear out more slowly because of the reduced friction. It can't fill in any little chips in the glass, but it's the hardened tar, tree sap and other spots on the screen that cause the wear on the blades.


Did the same on my van the other day with similar results. The kit is about £25 but remember, you can acheive a glass like finish on your car as well!


It takes a huge leap of faith to rub a piece of clay over your paintwork, with just some lubricating spray to help it along but it really does work, and does not cause any damage.



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The following links are to AutoExpress reviews of wiper blades:






I’ve always chosen Bosch blades for replacements and regularly use Autoglym’s “Car Glass Polish” on the windscreen’s outer surface (and to GENTLY clean the edge of the wiper rubbers).


You need to be wary of putting ‘soapy’ products (like washing-up liquid) in the washer reservoir. If you are in the habit of just topping up the reservoir, rather than waiting until it’s empty and then refilling it, there’s a risk that the residual ‘soap’ will eventually start to gel and block the reservoir’s outlet. It’s an inexpensive ploy and it will help to clean the windscreen, but (speaking from personal experience) you are probably better off using a designed-for-the-job product. And, of course, during freezing weather you’ll need to have a suitably-strong anti-freeze additive in the reservoir.



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