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General Strike in Spain

Don Madge

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The news here in Spain (as at this afternoon) estimates that the Spanish "national" strike will be "patchy" (trade union membership is very low here).


However...........as it is almost exclusively Public Sector employees who'll be striking, almost all trains, planes (both internal flights and international flights to/from Spain, AND those to/from other countries that pass over Spanish Air Traffic Control airspace) etc will probably NOT be operating next Wednesday (29th); and they reckon there'll also be a lot of disruption the following day to transport services as a lot of the planes/trains will be in the wrong place.


Road traffic is expected to be EXCEPTIONALLY heavy next Wednesday, particularly in/out of major cities, as people try to drive to work rather than use train/tube/buses. People are being advised to try not to travel/work from home etc, to try to reduce congestion that day.


It is possible that some banks may not be open/may not be able to process electronic transfers that day, but cash machines are expected to work.


The Unions are planning some big marches in major cities, so best steer clear of Madrid, Barcelona etc that day. In fact probably best not to travel at all that day!

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I have spoke to various people over here in Tenerife and the concensus was "yea right"..a lot have said we will work so it maybe a bit of a damp squib here mind you!!!


Spoke to one lady who runs a book shop and she was of the opinion Tenerife will come to a grinding halt..and she was saying any one that opens their shop or business will get a visit from the picketts/strikers and have their premises trashed..think she was a bit over the top don't think that'll really happen!!


We are actually flying back to the UK on the 28th for a BIG family event so maybe no effect for us then !!

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