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window repair is OK ?

hotrod 49

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I have a top hinge rear window in my motorhome and while I was camping we stopped for tea I opened the rear window to the top click on the arm and about an hour latter I heard a cracking sound then found the window on the foor.

Up to now I havn't found a replacement other than two firms offer to make a mould then cast or vac, one at nealy £300.

The break is along the top just below the aluminium hinge.

I am wondering if I seperate the front preformed Polyglass from the back and buy some good purspex?(cut to size) and glue broken bits and new together back in to alum, hinge.

Qustion.Which glue and which plastic to get?

The damaged window is a Birholz D512 B Seitz

Please could some one help as to which type fo plastic and glue.

Thanks for reading.



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Polycarbonate sheeting is both stronger and lighter than perspex but can be harder to work but unless I could get the insurance company to cough up without it affecting my ncd and without any excess applying I would certainly have a go at fixing it myself.


I don't know that I would want to separate the two layers as that might well create misting up problems when resealed?


I'm not sure that I quite follow where it broke and I don't know what adhesives to use either but I would certainly reinforce it with stainless steel or brass nuts and bolts with spreading washers - or even a strip of aluminium each side.


Another option is to refit the window and screw the bugger into place - it won't fall off but you won't be able to open it either!

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Hi Rod, I had a back window smashed on my Elddis Autoquest 2 years ago and claimed off the Insurance. AS it is a glass claim you do not lose your No claims bonus. I think the only criteria is that you are Fully Comp. You will probably have to pay the excess, but it will be nowhere near £300 which was the same as it cost to replace my glass as well.



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