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Any thoughts? Auto Trail Transit Tribute 720


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After ordering our first ever motorhome in April for delivery in late August early Sept 2010 our first ever home on wheels was due earlier this week, however to our dismay we were informed that a technical problem with the rear passenger seat belts had been identified. This was soon rectified and the van was delivered to the dealer yesterday..excellent we thought until we took a call from the dealer today who informed us that the van had been returned to Auto Trail as the internal trim to the rear panel was different to the rest. The vehicle has now been sent back to tha factory to have the complete rear panle removed and replaced.

My concerns are that this will affect the structure and waterproofing of the vehicle as it has been done off the production line....

Any thoughts or comments~??

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Hi Kev and very sorry to hear of your problems.


My thoughts are very much the same as yours and if this is really the case then I would possibly be looking to reject the vehicle and request that a replacement is ordered.

From my dim and distant memory I thought there was a 'rule' whereby if a vehicle had to have more than a certain percentage of it's value of rework carried out prior to sale then it could not be sold as a 'New' vehicle. Perhaps one of the more legally enlightened on here could clarify or refute this?


Anyway back to rear panel replacement, we attended the ATOC Factory rally earlier this year so saw both AT and Tribute vehicles being built. AT build all their bodies furniture first off the vehicle. If you look on the ATOC Website there are several photos taken around the factory clearly showing this.

The walls are made of an outer GRP layer, insulation and inner wallboard are bonded in a huge press before being cut out on a CNC router, so replacing just the inner wallboard is a no no.

They have also recently introduced a new system of joining side panels to floor with an aluminium channel to improve water tightness and then seen as the entire upper body is lowered onto the floor in one go I cannot see how they will be able to replace just the rear wall without major dis-assembly!


I would suggest a call to the factory to see what their version of the problem and remedy is then going back to the dealer with a view to rejecting the vehicle.


Final thought, is this a reputable dealer or could they possibly be 'stringing' you along to delay delivery for any reason?


I hope this helps and look forward to hearing of a favourable outcome.








I've just read your post of 3rd September on another thread where you say where you have ordered from and now don't quite know what to say as I don't think you're the only person having trouble with this dealer. Sorry.

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Cheers Keith,


The photos and advice were very useful.


I spoke to AT and they reckon they should be able to cover the internal panel with the correct one as it's only 3mm thick.


The removal of the rear panel (in my opinion) is unacceptable.

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Thank goodness someone at AT has a brain! Why do dealers jump to the conclusion that stuff has to be 'removed' to sort it out ....?


You will have to check is how this piece of board has been 'stuck' in place, and, if they've removed some of the cupboards etc to do so, have they been refitted correctly - 3mm isn't much thickness wise, but it depends on what the tolerances are in the first place for such like as window frames etc.

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I agree with Mel.


This is a rear U-lounge model, so 'thickening' the rear wall, even by only 3mm, may have a significant negative impact on (say) how bed-cushions fit together and, presumably, will have demanded surgery on some of the furniture.


It does make one wonder how this vehicle has passed through quality control checks and what other unpleasant surprises may lie in wait. Personally, I'd seek to reject the vehicle immediately and demand a properly-built replacement, as sticking an extra inner surface on the rear panel must surely be considered a bodge.

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I agree with Derek. And in fact you are not rejecting the vehicle as you have not accepted it in the first place. You ordered a vehicle and the factory have selected this particular vehicle from their stock to fufill your order. They could have selected another vehicle from their stock just as easily.

I would say that their offer is not acceptable, and to stop getting a bodged one purporting to be a different vehicle, check that any alternative has a different VIN No. to the original one offered.

Good Luck and please do not be fobbed off.

Mike ( Sitting in Sunny Spain) and it is now Beer O'clock !!!

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