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Snooper Ventura 2000 or alternative


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Hi all


Does anyone have anything to say about the Snooper Ventura was rather taken with the idea you could put height, width ect, it is expensive but it seems so suitable for the motorhome.


I will say that we never travel with out the Atlas system for back up.


Would appreciate your comments on this system and any alternative that you could suggest.


Thanks (lol)

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I have had my Snooper Ventura S7000 for several months now and yes it was expensive. However, apart from the obvious Height, Length, Width, Axle weight advantage it also has a lot of extras, namely the ACSI database of European Campsites, Caravan Club and C& CC sites etc I have also used the Freeview TV and it works a treat with the magnetic external ariel. Another useful feature is the switching between Car and Motorhome modes and I use both regularly. The live traffic alerts work well as do the Speed Camera locations, although it has trouble keeping up with the changing locations of the 'SPECS' cameras on Motorways.


I have used my Snooper in the M'Home on numerous occasions both locally and further afield. Used it for a months tour in Scotland last month and I had no problems with getting to any of my destinations and did not get sent up any inappropriate roads.


Like you, I always carry a Road Atlas, after all a Sat Nav is only an electronic device and only as good as the software it was pre-loaded with so do not rely totally on it. However, I have to say that so far I am very pleased with it.


I have updated the Speed Camera locations since purchasing it and this did make a difference to the locations of some of the 'SPECS' but the SPECS locations do move so quickly that the Snooper cannot keep pace and it would not be practical to keep updating on a weekly basis.


Hope this helps. If you need anymore info let me know and I will do my best to answer any questions you have.





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