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Alden Netmaster90 - Satellite Internet V Slow


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Hi Folks


Before I start making waves I thought I'd check if anyone else is using Alden Netmaster 90 or similar (using IPCopter) and finding the speeds to be VERY slow. I last used my satellite internet about two years ago, and it was OK then. Since then I've repaired my kit (replaced cables) and repainted my dish (using simple "project paint" from B&Q).


I used to be able to work on-the-trot. At my current speeds this will not be possible.


I've considered the following:

1. Current location - Porthmadog (Black Rock Sands) - should be OK. Well within the footprint.

2. Some clouds and rain - it's worked through worse

3. Something I've broken (e.g. wrong paint for dish)

4. Over-subscription of the service





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