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Secret password?

bob b

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bob b - 2010-09-24 8:09 PM

Has anybody else has their password discovered?

Had my ebay password compromised a few times but ebay are always very quick to act.


Only problem is your account gets instantly shut down by ebay until you create another password. A bit frustrating and particularly annoying if in process of buying or selling but there are always some sad folk out there who get a kick out of doing things like this.

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bob b - 2010-09-24 8:22 PM


I hasten to add that it was this forum password wots been compromised.


My guess is you had it in memory to remain permanently logged in?


I know its a bit of a pain but you are best off not doing this and logging in and out each and every time you use sites such as a forums etc. If it's left in memory it can be hacked (thats how my eBay account was compromised).

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