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New Phishing email


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Just had an email from "RBS" asking me to complete a customer survey.


Rang my Business manager - he said RBS would never send out such a survey via the internet.


So this is presumably some sort of phishing scam.


Suggest if you get one - delete it and run a spyware check.

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Had a similar one from Smile recently along with others purporting to be from Ebay, Adobe, AVG, and others from companies with whom I never have any contact but all were highlighted as potential scams when received.


I'm not sure but I think it's either AVG, Thunderbird or Googlemail who pick these up with a warning but many of them are quite obvious anyway - and as I don't do surveys or answer questionaires for anyone it is not a problem - yet.


However they will probably get more sophisticated so it does pay to be on your guard and threads like this are a good way of diseminating info so well done Clive.

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