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Target achieved. I won tickets


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:-D :-D

Well I was determined not to pay the full price at the NEC show in October so I entered every competition I could find to win tickets for the show. Result. A phonecall from sureterm direct today to find out our address in order to send us 2 tickets that I won yipee.

Booked campsite nearby now as not paying £27 night either!!!!!



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And guess what Chris, I too had a phone call from Sureterm direct today saying I had won a pair as well!

Success as we are planning on going on the Saturday and I was delaying buying advance tickets until the last moment just in case.

Luckily for us we're only 15 minutes drive from the NEC so no over-nights involved.



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fred grant - 2010-09-29 7:09 PM


you also won freds competition chris my biddy, so a patt of cow dung is on its way. Enjoy - said alice!


farmer fred


Alice, Alice who the **** is Alice? Isn't there a song about that?*-)*-) I must say I am surprised that you actually won something, my wife has been entering every competition going (especially Readers Digest!!!!!) and over 93 years has won nothing, zippo, nunca.>:-)

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