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Fiat Headlight Protectors


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Hi all

I purchased a set of Fiat headlight protectore at the Lincoln show and have just fitted them, my gratefull thanks must go to Di Johnson whose article in MMM May 2010 proved invaluable and without this pictorial guide I would have given up as the instructions with lenses was about as useful as a ash tray on a motorbike!.

To anyone else out there thinking of fitting these then go ahead if I can do it anybody can.


Mylandrose :-D

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I have to agree that they are very simple to fit, as I found in July when I put mine on.


I do remember thinking how simplistic the pictorial instructions were that came with the covers and wondered why they had been made so easy to follow... then it dawned on me, a few easy to follow pictures span the multitude of written translations that otherwise would have been needed.



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