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thats just reminded me , my company phone is with orange and when I had a problem with it recently I rang the helpdesk , cut a long story short I got chatting to the girl helping me and she said the new combined companys 'strap line' was "Anytime Anywhere" which they were supposed to be saying when answering the phone.


She and many of her colleague were refusing to say this as it was embarrassing. Wonder why!!!!


"Anytime , Anywhere , Tracey speaking , how may I be of assistance to you"


Not seen any adverts yet with this , maybe the Ad Men have had a reality check

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Just done my 'phone - It hasn't made any difference where we live as we are in a mobile dead spot - we tried all the different suppliers and none of 'em gave a signal here.


Ended up getting a Blackberry for the sole reason that it jumps on to the wifi in the house and gets it's signal from that. Added benefit is that I can do a quick google without waiting for Vista to load on the desktop.


I am just waiting for the reverse to happen with broadband so I can use the T-mobile dongle on both networks!



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