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Toilet seals


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I think there is probably only one type mainly for a 2005 thetford, maybe I am wrong and will bow to Trackers better knowledge on this one


Anyway, check the disc is lifting properly. It has quite a small pin/stud bit for lifting the blade disc against the seal and may be worn. Also make sure seals are grud free.


I bought my new blade disc from Perthshire Caravans mail order and was far cheaper than anywhere else and included postage. Worth emailing or phoning them with details for a price. I was £6 all in compared to £9 cheapest I could find elsewhere.



edit - probably this one...



http://www.perthshire-caravans.com/accessories for details of where I got my bits. You have to email or phone, they do not have an online shop but the two people running the shop are very helpful.

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Check to see if it is limescale on the seal. Mine was quite badly affected. I stripped it and cleaned off the limescale and it is as good as new now.


If there is limescale inside the cassette, get some dishwasher tablets with limescale remover built in. Use them instead of the blue additive for a while to break it down. The limescale comes away from the plastic easily.

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I could write now how to maintain and replace.

To get rid of scale wipe with lemon juice, leave 30 mins and wipe off. Rinse and dry. Apply silicon lubricant sparingly. Available most caravan accessory shops, Thetford or other brand which is far cheaper.

To replace remove two clipped on side covers, remove screws, remove seal, re-assemble in the reverse order.

Using Olive oil is not recoomended as it oxidises and can go gungy.

Spare parts from Thetford come with good detailed instructions on how to fit.


Job done. When do i get paid my writer's fee?


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